Limited Edition Carbon Style Face - SpaceControl 3D Mouse - Cap
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Limited Edition Carbon Style Face - SpaceControl 3D Mouse - Cap

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With our 3D mouse we provide an input device that allows you to move 3D objects on your screen in an easier and more intuitive way than with a 2D mouse. The reason for this is that a 3D controller provides access to three dimensions of motion control: right-left, back-forward, up-down. Furthermore the SpaceController allows the rotation around each axis so that you have six degrees of freedom under your control. 

The SpaceController is for example the ideal input device for example for the CAD construction and also if you want to move the camera in GoogleEarthTM. The heart of the SpaceController is its cap. You can move and rotate it for a few millimeters and the object on the screen will move in the same direction. As soon as you release the cap it will slide back to its central position and the object on the screen will stop its movement. 

This process is completely intuitive and actually needs almost no familiarization. With a 2D mouse you can only control objects in one direction at a time. With a 3D mouse all movements are merged and allow an optimized work flow. While working with a 3D mouse you can also use a 2D mouse. In combination both input devices do what they are designed for. 

With the left hand on the 3D mouse you control and move the objects, with the right hand on the 2D mouse you can work on them. Work-sharing between the input devices ensures that the single steps are seamlessly transferred and that the work is faster and more efficient. Since a part of the work is moved from the 2D mouse to the 3D mouse the overwork of the right hand is reduced and the construction process is more ergonomic.